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Train Your Brain MEGA Includes

  • Module 01: Understanding the Power of the Mind

    By the time you are done with this module you will never doubt again that your brain is the most powerful tool you have for success. In this module, Dana reveals the scientific studies that back up the power of positive thought. You will understand at a deep level the limitlessness of your own brain.

    During this Module you will …

    • Learn about people who can make scars disappear, change the color of their eyes, improve their eyesight to 20/20 vision, and other “miraculous” body changes, all in a matter of a few minutes.
    • Discover the power of thought through medically documented studies. You can change your outcomes by changing your thoughts.
    • Feel confident that this information is easy to apply and do-able.
    • You will realize that you truly CAN change the way you think.
  • Module 02: Why You've Been Getting the Results You've Been Getting

    During this module you’ll realize that you are fully responsible for the outcomes you’ve been getting and how you can EASILY change those outcomes. In this module, the lightbulb goes on and you see that everything you want is in your grasp and your control.

    During this Module you will …

    • Learn about The Cycle of Perpetual Sameness and how it is responsible for keeping you stuck.
    • Discover how and why you developed limiting beliefs and how they have been holding you back.
    • Feel like the veil has been lifted as to why you’ve been getting the results you are getting.
    • Never be able to see the world in the same way again.
  • Module 03: Making Change

    In this module you discover your options for making change. You get a clear assessment of what works and what doesn’t. You will do “Mindware Experiments” and fully understand how easy it is to think differently and get different outcomes.

    During this Module you will …

    • Discover the three exits off of The Cycle of Perpetual Sameness and their advantages and disadvantages.
    • Learn why “Perfect Language” works.
    • Understand the power of a personal mantra – what it is and how to use it effectively.
    • Write your own personal mantra that is based on your own personal limiting situation. Implement your mantra and witness for yourself how fast it works!
  • Module 04: Adapting the Model

    This module is largely the reason Train Your Brain is so effective. In this module, you will take the foundation of “Perfect Language” and adapt it to fit your own personal language style and your own personal beliefs. If you’ve ever felt like you were lying to yourself when you said a positive affirmation, then this module is for you.

    During this Module you will …

    • Learn how to adapt your mantra and your new positive story so that it feels “real” and believable. You’ll no longer feel like you’re lying to yourself when you think positively.
    • Fully realize that you don’t need to change ANYTHING about your personality in order to be successful. You already have everything you need to reach all of your goals and dreams.
    • Discover the “power words” in the English language and how to use them to train your brain even faster.
    • Continue with Mindware Experiments that teach you how to quiet the “angel and devil on the shoulder” arguments in your mind.
  • Module 05: The Emotional Scale

    Most people think emotions are like the weather – they come and go at will and we have no control over them. In this module you’ll discover that nothing could be further from the truth. This module cements the idea that they way you feel is fully within your control and you can feel happy ANYTIME you wish.

    During this Module you will …

    • Learn about The Emotional Scale – what it is and how to use it.
    • Realize that “bad” or “negative” emotions serve us and how we can get the benefit from them, but quickly move on to better feelings.
    • Practice powerful Mindware Experiments that teach you how to stay on the happy side of The Emotional Scale – AUTHENTICALLY.
    • Never again feel “stuck” in a negative rut for weeks, days, or even hours. You have the power to shift your emotions at any time.
  • Module 06: Intentional Action

    This is where the “rubber meets the road” as they say. This is the module where you take your new souped-up brain and take action in your business and in your life. When you learn how to take “Intentional Action”, you can never go back to the old, “force yourself to do the things other people are unwilling to do” nonsense again.

    During this Module you will …

    • Understand Intentional Action – feel good first and then take action.  You’ll learn what it is and how to use it for your benefit.
    • Discover the six steps to taking Intentional Action and how you can implement them easily and immediately.
    • Feel recharged and renewed in your business and in your life.
    • Be ready to take on the world!